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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Steps to Break Curses

Session 9 with Bob Larson

The Complete Guide to Curse Breaking

DWJD Institute - Module XV


I, _____________, confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I believe he is the Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for my sins and risen from the dead. I receive him into my life as my own personal Lord and Savior I renounce the Devil; the kingdom of darkness, and all the works of Satan, and all the demons of hell. And I command they obey the belief of my heart the confession of my lips and that every curse brought upon me by the sins of my ancestors be broken. I renounce every curse of every ancestor going back to Adam and Eve including everyone in between. I break the curse of original sin; from Adam and Eve by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I renounce all the evil of every ancestor.

Specifically I renounce every vow,

I renounce every oath,

I renounce every ritual,

I renounce every ceremony, and every blood covenant.

In the name of Jesus Christ if there is any bondage in my life, any curses because of these of vows, oaths, rituals, ceremonies and blood covenant. I break them now in the name of Jesus Christ on me and future generations. In the name of Jesus!

I renounce all sorcery and witchcraft.

I renounce all divination and every evil abomination.

I renounce all false religions.

I renounce all false gods and goddesses.

I renounce all false beliefs systems.

I renounce every doctrine of demons.

I renounce all false worship.

I renounce what these curses have brought upon my ancestors. And place them under the blood of Christ. All death and destruction; All suicide and hopelessness; All perversion and lust; every infirmity and disease; All sickness and suffering; All despair and depression; All of these diseases, All of these illness; mental and physical; every emotional abuse; every sexual abuse; every spiritual abuse, every physical abuse and every curse attached to it. I now declare all these curses are broken, renounced, and null and void. It can no more affect me or my descendants to whom I bisque a heritage of Faith in Christ and freedom in the Lord Jesus.

I am now free from these curses, and every evil spirit attached to these curses must leave me now. Go, in the name of Jesus Christ. Get out of my blood line. Get out of my DNA. Come out of my genes. Leave me now go to the pit of hell. Torment me and those in my blood line no more. You are finished. It is done. I am free in the name of Jesus Christ.